Staff perceptions SURVEY

This staff perceptions survey is a new, biannual survey designed to complement the diversity data submissions made by charities and funders working across the environment, climate, sustainability and conservation sector as part of The RACE Report data transparency campaign. It recognises the need to ensure any improvements in diversity are coupled with ensuring workplaces are inclusive of all backgrounds and identities. ​

Review the interactive report below to read the key findings, or download the full report.

Notes on the data

To allow an understanding of different experiences, racial and ethnic identities have been grouped for analysis purposes. This does not imply any one group is more or less important than another or that the experiences of these groups are uniform. Grouping has been carried out for practical purposes only, where populations are too small to support meaningful analysis and where grouping allows for a better understanding of trends and relationships.  The findings below draw out key differences (statistically significant at 95% confidence level, with a 5% margin of error unless specified otherwise) between respondents identifying as people of colour or from other ethnically minoritised groups, and those who identify as white ethnicities.  Details of these groupings can be found on page 11 of the report.